Wednesday, July 11, 2007

C'Mon, Mo. It's South Beach!

We should learn today (or not) whether Mo Williams wants to play for a title with Shaq and DWade or if he wants an extra $10 million to play in cold, desolate-assed Milwaukee. Okay, Milwaukee may be nice, with great restaurants and the arts (who knew?), but it's not South Beach, man! Besides, he can sign with the Heat for five years with the final two years a player's option. That way, when Shaq's ginormous contract is off the books Mo can opt out and re-sign for more dollars. Sound like a plan?? C'mon, Mo. It's South Beach, man. More media exposure, a chance at a chip or two or three, and remember Florida has no state tax. I'll buy my MoWil jersey tomorrow.


CoCo said...

I don't know Cheryl, Shaq is a shell of his former self and the rest of that team is old as hell aside from D Wade. Everything would have to go right for them to win another ship and what are the odds of that? I think Mo should stay with the Bucks. And you can't discount the $10 million extra bucks. He can chase a ring when he's old like everyone else does. Oh, I'm obligated to hate the Heat being a Hawks fan and all. You understand.

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